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As soon as we found out we were having a little girl I knew she would be my little wild flower. Her nursery is a mix of boho, native and vintage elements. It is a soft calming space filled with lots of whites, lace, crochet, dreamcatchers, teepees, mini cactus, feathers, vintage deers, shell chandeliers, macramé waeves and wild flowers. Every element in her nursery has been thoughtfully picked or hand-made by myself with love.  I also love that lots of items in her nursery are from my own childhood.  I want our little girl to be surrounded with natural colours and textures that I have always been in love with.

Besides the cot I have not bought anything from a baby store. I made a conscious decision to buy timeless handmade items that Zaeli can grow up with. Zaeli is always at peace in her nursery, she just loves laying on her change mat looking around at the space. Nothing is too bold or overstimulating….but there are lots of tiny interesting elements to discover for years to come.




What inspired the decor for the room/nursery?

The first item I bought for Zaeli’s nursery was a white lace teepee. This teepee set the theme of Zaeli’s ‘boho native’ inspired nursery. For my baby shower I laser cut teepee invitations…so the teepee was a strong motive from very early on.

Zaeli’s nursery is also inspired by her name which is derived from a flower. There are lots of flower elements from flower pressed artworks to wild flower prints. 




5 must haves for any kids room/nursery?

  1. Cot + Bassinet
  2. Feeding Chair- Must be comfy!
  3. Change Table- I used an existing set of Ikea drawers to double at storage and just placed change mat ontop
  4. Rug- we have floorboards so we needed a rug to play on ground
  5. Salt crystal lamp- Not only for warm night light but has benefical health properties




Favourite websites/shops for kids decor?

  • Kidostore (this is where I purchased my big items like Oeuf cot and Armadillo Co rug)
  • I love looking through Antique stores and trawling through Etsy for one-off vintage finds.
  • Ladedah Kids, Down That Little Lane Shop, Woven Walls, The Family Love Tree, Little Letter Lights Co, Colour and Skulls, Harlows World, Bride and Wolfe, Love Star, Lauren Merrick, Captain and Co, La La Luxe Designs, Hope and May, Ikea, Click On Furniture, Nacido, The Gather Collective, Shikoba, The Felt Flower Shop, Sourced 4 You, O B Designs.



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