Wolfy & Co

I’m so excited to showcase this gorgeous brand Wolfy & Co, an Australian family business who make beautiful modern handmade baby accessories.


When i received our package in the mail i was in awe of the quality of the products. Something i have become passionate about these last few years with my babies is finding well-made products that will last you and your baby through. Wolfy & Co not only provide this but their designs are beautiful and i often have people stop me and ask where to buy them. I particularly love how the dummy chains and pram garlands are made with both natural wooden beads and rubber beads, which are safe for my teething bebe to chew on, and durable enough to stand the dribble :)



Wolfy & Co also have handmade cushions, dolls, play gym toys and wooden decor.

Keep up to date and check out their beautiful products over at their facebook and instagram…

Instagram – @wolfyco

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/wolfyco/




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