Summah and baby Bodhi’s homemade formula


The recipe was built on a base by a holistic nutritionist in the states. She is lovely! Her blog post and recipe is here;
We use maple syrup and avocado oil from the choices in the formula.
I wanted to provide more nutritional support, so after consulting my Dr and naturopath we created the following protocol;
– a tsp of goats kefir in each bottle during the day (4-5bottles) kefir is homemade using milk kefir grains
– the recommended serving of bioceuticals babybiotic in two bottles a day
– the recommended serving of DHA from Nordic Naturals
– ginger drops from naturopath
– a herbal tonic after a naturopath appointment targeting whatever specific issues presented
– puraforce remedies (homeopathic drops) for whatever specific issues presented (available online)
– with the recipe above, we added chamomile and nettle tea bags to the water to give it anti inflammatory properties and to boost the vitamin content. Simply soak then compost the tea leaves or bag
– one drop of coconut cider vinegar
– one drop of pink sole water ( has a good breakdown and recipe)
– vitamin D drops recommended serving
– homeopathic and tissue salt tablets from Owen homeopathics for whatever specific issues are presenting
I think that’s all……!
It seems like a lot of work and fiddling around, but it really isn’t. I make up a fresh L of formula each evening and pour into 100mL bottles. I have a chalkboard where all supplements are located, and I use it to track what goes in each bottle. The extra effort is well worth the healthy baby!
All of the above has been approved by my amazing Dr and naturopath, as I am still a student and I wasn’t ready to experiment on such a vulnerable digestive system.

I hope that helps someone out there who is struggling with feeding commercial formula!
P.s the molasses will temporarily stain cloth nappies that are white, it does wash out but if you have a stubborn stain, soaking it in washing soda will sort it right out.

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