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If you are anything like me you struggle with finding that perfect gift for children. I am always on the hunt for that little something that will put a smile on my kiddies faces and something that will be treasured for years to come.

Personalised gifts have become one of my favourite go-to gifts for a new baby or for kids birthdays. We were lucky enough to be sent some special pieces from Something for Squirt and we just love them! I love how i was able to customise the print for Ellis’ toy bag, his little face when he saw batman was priceless! And Nova’s birth announcement blanket is one of my favourite purchases for him so far, it is so soft, and something we will keep forever…

Head on over to their website to check out their beautiful personalised creations and read more about them below…


What inspired you to start Something for Squirt?

I have always had a love for personalised gifts. There’s nothing quite like the feeling you get after you bring a child into this world, to know that not only have you created this little person, but you’ve named them! What better way to celebrate that, then with a special gift that features that name. Something for Squirt started as a way of sharing my creativity and sewing with others, along with allowing me to stay home with my children. Now, almost 5 years on, I work flexible hours around my family, and I still LOVE creating personalised items. I get to use my creativity every day while still earning an income and being a stay at home Mum and Wife, I couldn’t ask for more!


When you get some downtime what is your favourite thing to do as a family?

We live in a part of QLD where the weather is usually sunny, mild (or hot), and beautiful. We live a short drive from the ocean, the glasshouse mountains, and several amazing inland spots that we love to explore. Usually on a weekend we will be found fishing, playing at the beach or just enjoying each other’s company around our property. With 4 children, a fun loving husband and a mischievous dog, there’s never a dull moment!

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What do you hope the future holds for Something for Squirt?

I hope that over the next few years my business will continue to grow. I plan on making sure my products always have my own unique style, as I keep adding new and innovative designs. I am hoping to perfect my workflow, to make the most of the time I spend working, and maximise my family time! Most of all, I hope that I can continue to enjoy this journey of being a small business owner.

Instagram: @somethingforsquirt


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