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I recently got sent some pieces from the Sage Designs collection for my two boys. Usually i find it hard to find unique, earthy coloured boho styled boys clothing but these are perfect! The fabrics are so soft so they are perfect for babies soft skin and my older son loves how comfortable his pants are. And they look adorable!
What inspired you to start Sage Designs?
My family! I have 5 children and have been sewing for some time now. I started with a small handmade business that grew rapidly. My creations were in demand which was so flattering but being that I worked while my children slept, I simply couldn’t keep up with the supply. I then decided that in order to grow and further my business I needed to think outside the square and bring in some help and here we are! Not only do I get to sew and design, I now get to work with original fabric designs, marketing, sales and so much more. It’s been such an exciting ride so far!
When you get some downtime what is your favourite thing to do as a family?
We love to pack up our camper trailer and get off the grid, no phones, no work, no shops and lots of fresh air, sunshine and running water. The Gregory River is our favourite place to go as a family and just ‘be’. We get really to really hit the recharge button, finish conversations, play and spend time together as a family.
What do you hope the future holds for Sage Designs?
Wow – what a question! With me, the sky is the limit – I have HUGE dreams for Sage Designs & Co. but will be taking things slow and steady. We have just launched our first collection which has been received so well. We have our whole next year mapped out with a mummy line set to launch in 2017. The feedback we have received specifically tailored around our clothes being durable, practical and fashionable is so great, with 5 children of my own I knew the clothes had to stand up to the ‘wear and tear’ test. We also have a few sneaky homeware pieces that will pop up next year.
See their range hereĀ
Instagram – @sage_designs_co
Pics by @kristen_riches

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