Ryan and baby Ezra – Birth story

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On Christmas morning 2013 I found out that the second baby we had been hoping for was now on his way! I was elated and we told my family that morning by telling them that their gift was on it’s way but they would have to wait until Sept 1st 2014 approximately ;) … As my pregnancy progressed I was filled with peace and calm. I gave birth to my first son at home and it was a beautiful experience so I could not wait to do it again! With the care of our wonderful midwife we enjoyed every phase of this pregnancy and anticipated the day of Ezra’s arrival with great joy. Whenever someone would ask me when I thought he would be born I would jokingly say Sept 1st, Labor Day! The day stuck in my mind from that very first pink plus sign…
On Sept 1st 2014 at 39 weeks and 2 days pregnant, I woke up calm and excited. I truly LOVED being pregnant and was content waiting for my son to come whenever he was ready… We spent the day in the pool playing with out toddler and kissing when he was not looking… It was the perfect day.
Fast forward to about 4 in the afternoon… I was laying down to take a nap and some consistent ‘cramps’ started. After about an hour of rhythmic waves I called my midwife to say they were definitely about 6 minutes apart but not at all painful… My son woke up from his nap and started rubbing my belly as they got a bit stronger. Around 6pm my midwife arrived and we chatted a bit before she asked if I would like to be checked. I was at a good 5cm but easily stretching to 8cm so needless to say she was staying! For the next few hours we laughed and talked while I would pause and breathe with each contraction of my uterus… My body was working, my baby was ready, I was at peace… My husband and I would talk about our excitement to see Ezra’s sweet face, we would kiss and hug and sway for comfort. Essential oil neck massages were my favorite.
At about 8:30pm I was feeling tired so I got in the birth tub. Contractions almost totally stopped. Hmmm, thought my midwife by 9pm… “Can I check you again just to see what is going on?” When she found that I was 9.5cm and then stretched my cervix EVER so slightly, things really changed gears! By 10pm I was back in the tub and needing my husbands voice to keep me focused. The last bit of dilation and baby moving down quickly was very intense! At 11pm my husband joked that I had an hour to have my labor day baby… I did not laugh but knew Ezra was almost here!
I felt his head inside of me after the next few surges. My body was pushing him into this world! After a moment of being overwhelmed, I was able to regain myself and breathe through the stretching as his head emerged… A brief pause and I cradled his head in my hand as we waited for the next contraction. Within moments and with one last bearing down, Ezra was here. The joy, the elation, there are NO words to describe what had just taken place. Perfection.
Ezra James Watson was born at home on Sept 1, 2014 at 11:22pm. My ‘Labor Day’ baby.


Photo Credit goes to Simply Sweet Moments Photography
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