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Ryan 26, Sarah 22, Isaac 1

We’re the Shabacon’s (well, in 2 months we will be saying our vows in Tulum, then we will be the Shabacon’s officially!) we live in a town home in Vancouver, Canada. Ryan is in the film industry and Im the owner of IWEARTHEHEADRESS. We love date nights but If we get tickets to a hockey
game, head up to whistler, or travel abroad, Isaac comes with us! We both traveled a lot when we were young and want to immerse Isaac in as many cultural experiences as we can. The fact that he loves every minute of it makes it all the more worthwhile.

My favourite place to shop for Isaacs room is IKEA for the basics, and then I decorate it with treasures from our travels and family heirlooms. I also like to display some special items on the wall – the tunic is the shirt Isaac will wear at our wedding (from Superfussy) and the painting is something we did together!

5 must-haves
1) artwork that has meaning – I bought this Rachel Castle piece for Isaac as a first birthday gift, I hope he keeps it forever.

2) a sheepskin or soft rug to play on – I get my sheepskins from Homesense, they’re super luxe and have lasted years. The black and white rug is Lappljung from IKEA and really reasonable too.

3) a book corner ! I bought the modern classics (where the wild things are etc) but my parents actually gave me some of their old books from the 1960s, think Dr Seuss, The Hardy Boys and Ivanhoe! I plan to use these ones as decor until Isaac can hold them without trying to chew on the books though.

4) a diaper genie – hands down the biggest time saver, especially since our trash is 2 flights of stairs down and in the garage!

5) lots of baskets! Isaacs clothes are in drawers but his blankets, toys, diapers and wipes are all in baskets. Homesense carries some that are hand crafted across the globe and really well made.

Sarah Gibson : Owner / Designer
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