Rosie and baby Ruby Jane


Rosie, 26yrs old
Tim, 34yrs old
Niah, 2
Ruby Jane born on the 1st of April 2015.
The moment i held my baby girl, a moment where everything stood still no sound could be heard, i could see nothing but a golden light that surrounded me and my child. 
Ruby Janes Birth Story
At around 3.30pm i noticed a slight bit of blood after going to the bathroom, i quickly told mum and Lana but wasn’t too excited as i had been feeling as if i was in labour for the past 2weeks (turns out i most likely was) i had two contractions after the show but still that wasn’t anything new. By 4ish i had more blood and two stronger contractions, i felt a sudden burst of excitement! This is it! I quickly called Tim to come home from work.
Meanwhile i began cleaning the house in preparation for our birth pool, I sang and danced as i went, stopping to lean on the wall with the surges.
 At around 6ish we began timing the rushes they were coming every 15mins. The lounge room was set up with soft cosy cushions, a dim light and some beautiful soft music playing, the curtains were slightly drawn letting in a cool gentle breeze, it was bliss! We both relaxed as the rushes were gentle and very easy to handle.
At around 8pm we began to fill the birth pool, i hopped in at around 8.30, the rushes were more regular now but still gentle, the hot water was an instant pain relief and extremely calming. I thought my labour would go on forever as my rushes still were still fairly gentle, but come 9- 9.30pm the surges were much stronger, every 5mins or less, i felt them as they grew strong as it sweeped through my body like a wave growing bigger and bigger before it came crashing down, the power was strong but i was calm and focused inside, letting my body go for the ride.
The Midwives arrived around 9.30, i remember seeing their feet enter the room and instantly felt Jane’s (my midwife’s) presence, it was a warm strength that filled the room.
The surges were so powerful now coming right ontop of each other, they tore through my chore and the only way to release the emense power was to roar! I roared so loud i swear i could have made the walls crumble around me, it was a steady sound that came out of my mouth a deep sound that felt strong and relieving.
 Around 11pm i felt the water sack emerge, it was soft and jelly like and extremely encouraging, my baby was almost here! I had absolutely no urge to push which was strange, i felt my body open up as wide as it could, i was as open as i could get, the words that came out of my mouth were ‘jane i am going to break in half!’ At this point i felt fear, a fear that i couldn’t do it, i wanted to give up, i had been climbing this giant steep mountain and the top was so close yet seemed impossibly far, i was ready to turn back, but where would that leave me? I had to push on, with the encouraging voice of Jane and the strength of Tim beside me i managed to pick myself up and carry on.
Little did i know my baby girl was only 20mins away from being in my arms.
Suddenly the water sack bursts sending a huge rush of water whirling around the pool, a roar that shook the house to its foundations came bellowing out of my body the sound seemed to keep coming, i was amazed i didn’t take a breath, i didn’t need to, yet the strength of that roar continued for what seemed an infinity. At the end of that roar i felt a feeling so beautiful so humbling and so empowering, my baby’s head in my hands time stood still, absolute wonder and love filled my body giving me that last ounce of strength to push through and have her in my arms. Her head and shoulders  were quite big which made the last push extremely strong, i gave it everything i had, the world and my surroundings were a blur it felt as if a storm was raging around me.
She slipped into my arms and as i brought her up out of the water and onto my chest everything stood still, the storm had passed, no sound could be heard, nothing and none existed but you and I.
We sat together the three of us in the warm water, a shelter of love surrounding us, we were one ♡
I hope you enjoyed my journey :-)
Love and Light
Rosie Foley x
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  1. Wow! This literally gave me goosebumps and almost had me in tears. I actually can’t wait to give birth again after reading this! Thank you for sharing your empowering journey xx

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