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Our names are Seline my husbands name is Marcel. Together we have two sons Mase ( 3 ) and Seb ( 1 ). We live in Etten-Leur, The Netherlands. We love being outdoor and playing. The boys ( all of them ) are always on their wheels. Bikes, skateboards, scooters..
Seb’s room:
Xxl paperbag ( )
Wooden sticks are handmade
Reindeer is from Miho
Free hugs print ( )
T-shirt ( Zara )
Backpack Fjallraven ( adaywithkate )
Mushroom lamp ( heico )
The cloudmobile is made by my mum
Decal Shanna Murray
Cat ( Donna Wilson )
Trunk made it myself ( you can find one on ( )
Mase’s room:
Mini and maximus print
Robot,  (ferm living)
Mountain pillow, (sloppop)
Word banner ( pippaandikeshow )
Decal ( shannamurray )
Most pillows and bedding is made by ourselves
Mr moon print.
The air plain guirlande is made by my mother. The tutorial is on
Backpack Fjallraven
Mask print ( twoandjax )
6 must haves for a kids room:
– I love prints!! We’ve got lots of them –
Mini and maximus ( )
Twoandjax ( through Etsy )
Roxymarj (etsy/romawinkel)
Mr.moom print ( )
– Pillows –
The mountain is from (
Most pillows we make ourselves. We love making them.
– Pretty dolls –
The cat is made by a friend of ours but the pattern is from Donna Wilson. (You can also buy the dolls at
We also love the suussies dolls. ( )
And those from naked lunge ( )
– A good backpack
It isn’t only practical but it also looks great!
We’ve got the ones from Fjallraven ( )
– Storage bags –
The paper bag XXL
House doctor striped laundry bag ( )
Ferm living – love the half moon one’s, they are on my wish list!
The decals are from Shanna Murray! You can find them everywhere in my home ( )
I mostly buy online.
I love the Etsy site where you can find lots of shops with original stuff.
Shops I found there are:
Other websites I love are:
instagram: @selinej


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