Nova Atlas’ birth story – Kristen

As many of you may already know i had a few miscarriages before we fell pregnant with our rainbow baby. So our sweet new baby was already so so loved even before he met us earthside, and we could not wait to finally give our son Ellis a sibling.

They say every pregnancy is different and boy are they right! My first trimester was filled with anxiousness, always worrying that at each trip to the loo i would see red, but thankfully we were blessed with a healthy bubba.

At 22 weeks i was diagnosed with gestational diabetes (GD). I was shocked – I am not overweight, eat relatively healthy and i did NOT see this coming! The first week following i felt deflated, i blamed myself… Why me? But i realised it was nothing i did or didn’t do, it was just my body’s reaction to the extra hormones racing through my body during pregnancy. Luckily i was able to control it just with my diet and everything panned out fine.

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During the last 7 weeks of my pregnancy i also had weekly scans to check our baby’s growth as it was measuring behind (which amazed me because GD babies are usually bigger) But hey… At least i got a cute picture of our babe each week :)

At my 38 week midwife visit i was told i should not go past 40 weeks due to the GD. There was talk of induction but i was sure it wasn’t going to come to that. I had been having braxton hicks and cramping and felt a lot of pressure for weeks. I did however agree to 2 stretch and sweeps (aren’t they lovely?!) and i was happy to hear i was already 3cms and the head was engaged.

hadasimages – @hadas_amor

In the last weeks i drenched myself in clary sage essential oil, drank many pots of raspberry leaf tea and had acupuncture and acupressure massages. I found myself nesting a lot in the last week and one day in particular i had a sudden burst of energy and managed to clean the whole house. That night i was still getting regular cramping and braxton hicks, but nothing more than i’d been getting prior.

hadasimages – @hadas_amor

The next morning i woke before Lee and Ellis (which is rare) so i made myself some breakfast, had a shower and got ready for our Saturday. Just as i was making Ellis some breakfast i felt a trickle – MY WATERS! Although it wasn’t a gush like with Ellis (which i now know were my hind waters).

I woke Lee with the news and he jumped out of bed ready for action! My sister came over to spend the day with Ellis and we headed to the hospital. On the way i started getting mild cramping and tightening. My midwife said i was only in early labour and to hang around town close by for a few hours to see if things progressed.

All day i had only mild cramping and tightening, again no different to what i had been experiencing. We roamed around town shopping and stopped for a bite to eat for dinner before i suddenly felt a shift.Something within me that said GET TO THE HOSPITAL! When we got there i was admitted onto the ward until things heated up, so we went down to the cafeteria for coffee.

As we were chatting i felt a ‘POP’ My face went blank, white, and i paused mid conversation – This was it! My waters had fully broken and my pain had gone from a 2 to a 10. Contractions were coming every 30 seconds… In the lift, 6 times down the corridor, stopping, leaning on Lee with every surge.Yes it was going quick, but as there was no build up my body was in shock – I felt nauseous, my legs shaking, toes curling.

My midwife checked me straight away “Kristen, your’e 9cms!!”I wasn’t ready… But i knew my baby was. I had planned on a water birth and could see the pool “What about my water birth?”… “There’s no time, do you feel the need to push? If you do go with it, your baby’s head is right there!”

At this point i thought of all the women who were in my position right now, their strength and my baby, who was ready to meet us. I decided to let gravity help me and moved to the floor and leant over the bed. With Lee’s hand in mine i breathed slowly and puched my baby out in 2 contractions. I helped pull my baby out with the help of my midwife. It was a BOY! I lifted him up to my chest and he started to cry. We did it. In 55 minutes!!

I had my sweet baby boy in my arms, skin to skin, cord still pumping, happy tears flowing. I thought of Ellis – He is going to be so happy! A baby brother!

Our NOVA ATLAS – 6p, 6oz, 49cm.

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