My Lily-Ann

I have come across many handmade Australian businesses since having Nova and earlier this year i stumbled across the wonderful brand My Lily-Ann who have a beautiful range of onesies, swaddles and cushions. I loved the designs and what amazed me even more was that they were all hand painted… There is so much love and time put into each and every piece and the colours are just beautiful!

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What inspired you to start My Lily-Ann?

I’ll be honest, doing something for myself! I regained my creative confidence and just haven’t stopped since I officially launched in Sept/Oct last year. I also wanted to do something that Lex can be proud of and show her that through hard work and determination you can achieve anything!


When you get some downtime what is your favourite thing to do as a family?

We mostly just relax at home with a good TV show or movie, life is pretty hectic at home as Liam my husband does shift work so in the times that he is home I try and try my hardest not to work. We also love going out for lunch or to the beach! Lex is such a water baby!


What do you hope the future holds for My Lily-Ann?

Oh gosh where do I start! I have BIG dreams for My Lily-Ann but its reaching them with a realistic and manageable timeframe. If I could do it all now I would. That great saying ‘Rome wasn’t built in a day’ well I probably would have tried my best to build it in one day!
I have to remind myself that I’m only one person and Lex still needs to come first. My kitchen bench/work area is not big enough either :)

I hope to have some of my designs printed as well as hand painted and on a range of home decor along with the onesies.

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