Margot & Goldie’s Room

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Four best friends, picked to live in a house together… what I love about Gareth and I, above all else, we are best friends. The addition of our darling girls, Margot & Goldie, only added to our love!

What inspired the decor of the nursery? We knew the girls would be sharing a room & both have totally different needs. We also didn’t want Margot to feel like everything was changing with the arrival of Goldie. I didn’t take away anything from Margot’s existing space but simply added a few updates. I also did that slowly. Partly because of I had a serious case of pregnancy indecision, but mainly to help Margot transition into a big sister with confidence & ease.

5 must haves for any nursery?
– changing table// When you first bring your newborn home, everything is a haze. It really helps me to have the changing table for routine & organization. Also, I know my husband loves it too. When our newborns were nursing non stop, the changing station became his zone
– A soft rug // We spend so much time in our daughters’ room. And it’s always on the floor! I can’t tell you how many times we’ve all fallen asleep after bedtime stories on that fuzzy little spot.
– blackout curtains // One word… sleep.
– noise machine // Because, sleep.
– toy storage // When you’re pregnant with your first, you dream up the perfect nursery! Once they arrive, you lay them in crib, blink and they have become toddlers with more toys than you ever knew existed!

Favourite stores/online shops for kids decor? I love land of nod for big purchases. minikin & fawn shoppe for details. And of course, all hail the almighty Target!

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