Kristen and Baby Ellis – Birth Story

Kristen, 24, Lennox Head, NSW, Australia.

Mother to Ellis Owen, 22 months old.

Since I was a little girl I always dreamed of having a big beautiful family. Having worked with kids after graduating High School I felt confident with what was in store for me having one of my own…..except for the birth! To be honest I was petrified, I read all the recommended books and watched all of the shows (don’t watch them) but I was still nervous. To be honest, I don’t think anything can prepare you! Having heard that most first pregnancies go overdue and have long labours i was certain I would also. However, this was not the case.

So after cooking dinner for my partner and I for Valentines Day I was just about to sit down to enjoy my meal when my waters broke! I think I was in denial, I remember calling my mum saying “Hey mum, so I just had a water-like substance run down my leg, it can’t be my waters though”… My mum laughed at me and said “it’s your waters darling”. I suddenly felt more emotions than I thought one could feel at any one time. I was excited, scared, nervous, overwhelmed and empowered.

I was due in 2 days, so it wasn’t like I was early at all but I still had this thought in my mind that I had at least a week. Luckily my bags were packed and my birth plan was ready to go. I called the hospital to let them know and they said to come in to the hospital in 3 hours or when my contractions get close together. I went in straight away. I was just too excited to wait! And so was my baby!

On the way to the hospital I couldn’t contain my excitement, I remember us going through all of the names we had picked out for our baby boy. When we got there the midwife told me I had a long way to go and to head on home. As much as it would have been nice at home, I had a gut feeling I should stay at the hospital. Lucky it was quiet in the hospital and they gave me a birthing suite to wait.

I settled in and had a shower and walked around for what felt several hours, but was just 1. I suddenly felt the pain in my lower back, which was to stay until it was all over. I decided to have a bath to ease the pain, that’s when the contractions intensified which then made my back pain worse. However, I had chosen to do it naturally with no pain relief. I had to lay down and relieve this pain, so I laid down on the bed and my partner massaged my back.

Up until now it had been only 2 hours since my water broke, so I still thought I was in for many more hours of pain. To my amazement I was already 7 centimeters dilated! This is going faster than I thought…

I quickly called my mum and told her to “GET HERE NOW!”I had chosen to have my mother in the room for the birth, she is the strongest person I know and I knew I could do it with her holding my hand.

The next part is a bit of a whirlwind, it all went super fast. It was now 3 hours since my water broke, my mum was finally here and I was in the final stages of labour. Thinking back I definitely thought of having pain relief, but things were going way too fast. I remember my partner watching the monitor telling me when the numbers were going up where I would say “shutup”, and when they were going down where i would feel a whole heap of love for him.

Suddenly I couldn’t take it and I felt the urge to push, with every contraction I thought this next one they are going to tell me to push. It wasn’t long until they said the unspoken word and it was happening, I was bringing life into the world. This thought empowered me and gave me the strength I needed.

Throughout my reading on labour and birth I also read a lot about hypnobirth. I started concentrating on each contraction and imagining it being like the ocean’s shore. As a contraction was intensifying I would think of it as the waves crashing and the tide pushing further onto land and as each contraction eased I would imagine the water being sucked back in.

This, along with deep breathing helped me give birth to the sweetest little boy, Ellis. In the later stage of labour I remember thinking (and a lot of you may have thought the same) “no, I just can’t do this!” but those memories are now at the back of my mind.

I was extremely lucky to have a beautiful pregnancy and a quick 4 hour natural labour which I will always be grateful for. There is nothing that you can compare with the emotions a woman feels after giving birth to their first-born. I was on a complete high. I finally had my baby in my arms, the only thing I ever wanted, my own child.

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