Inspiring room – Katleen

Katleen, Bob, Lilou (girl) 4, Jerome (boy) 2, Remi (boy) 5 months

Favorite stores: 
I mainly buy online, from the website of the brand itself
About the dolls: I love Luckyboysunday, Studioescargot and Minibohème.
For accessories like posters I shop online at and  I also love
I have some cute baskets for storage like the Paper Bag and the half-moon print basket from Ferm Living.
The bedding I made myself.
The bunting (flags) I made myself too.
The garland is from concretehoney (Etsy shop)

5 must haves:

  • A Luckyboysunday doll (available on the website or at or thekidwho or scandinavianminimal amongst others)
  • Cute bedding (I didn’t find the print I wanted in stores, so I searched for the right fabric and made it myself!)
  • Lovely posters or prints (mine are from and from the girls’part of the room I took some pictures from a magazine and taped it to the wall.
  • Fun and beautiful storage for toys, cushions, dolls: I have the Ferm Living basket (on the website from Ferm Living) and The Paper Bag (at
  • Some garland or bunting to brighten things up. The flags on the boys’side I made myself and the paper garland on the girl’s side is from the Etsy shop Concrete and Honey.

instagram: @kowaleen

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