Inspiring room – Kaitlyn

Kaitlyn married to her best friend, Ryan. We have a 16 month old wild child, Revel.

We rearrange Revel’s room like once a week! And recently looking into redoing it. Oooops!!

Favorite stores to buy things
Alex and Alexa have great sales. Love Cissy Wears to dig into my Lucky Boy Sunday obsession. H&M and Ikea are so affordable, so that one’s obvious. I also really love hunting Etsy for unique things. Oh and MollyMeg and This Modern Life are so fun to explore.

5 must haves for any kids room
– Lucky Boy Sunday goodies have to be my favorite items in Revel’s room. I’ve been eyeing some pillows for his crib. (But indecisive over Bang Bang Copenhagen.)
– Some cool storage bins. We have boxes from H&M and Legos from Currently looking into the Acne Kids items, too.
– A unique crib. Ours was a gift and hand painted by a friend.
– Prints. We have sketches from our friend, Olga (@blackhummingbird) and also love our alphabet text from Society6. I’m currently looking into some bigger, more minimal style items, though. I love Mini Willa’s.
– A great nightlight. We have a moose light from This Modern Life. I’d also love a Miffy.

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