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We are a happy little family of four. Troy and I have been together for 12 years and married for nearly six. We have two beautiful children, Max who is 3 and Edie who will be 1 in July. Max is incredibly articulate for his age and such a character, there isn’t a day go by that he doesn’t make us laugh. We think he’s been here before. Edie is such a delight. She is our little ray of sunshine. Shakespeare wrote “and though she be but little, she be fierce” that’s our Edie, so determined, so young, but a precious little girl. I wanted their rooms to be their little sanctuary. Although I’m not quite finished with them yet, they are a work in progress and hopefully reflect some of their little personalities. I pick decor that obviously I like but that I think the kids will also enjoy.




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5 must haves for kids rooms?

1. Some special soft toys (Max won’t sleep without his Luckyboysunday softie that he’s named ‘bunny’)

2.  A place for their books (we read every night at bedtime, it’s a favourite time of the day)

3. Lighting – The kids have a heico lamp each which is perfect for bedtime stories and a big hit, especially with Max. A great investment.

4. Artwork – some cute prints, garlands etc. They add warmth and soul to their rooms.

5. Storage – We all know kids accumulate a LOT of stuff. Good storage is essential to clear a lot of it away.

Favourite stores for kids decor items?

I tend to do the majority of shopping on line these days. Most of my recent purchases have been from Leo & Bella, Mini & Beau and Talo Interiors (to name a few)

My user name on Instagram is: @sahjayne


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