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I’m Petra, living together with Martin. We met just a few years ago for the first time. Went to school together and fell in love, easily. I was pregnant just half a year later. Frank is now 3,5 and he even got a little sister, Liv, who is 1,5 years. We would love another one in maybe two years time or so! 

My second favourite thing to do for myself, after my job, which I love, is to decorate the kids room. I never thought it could be this fun. I love making little things for it, and lets not start on the buying. I want it to be a creative space for them, to grow and play in. A light but colorful place with a mix of old, new and handmade.

5 must haves for the kids room:

1. Thrifted things. Like an old drawer and a second hand lamp.

2. Work space. For drawing, puzzles, sticker pinning and so on.

3. Storage. A must of course. Love baskets and boxes that you can just throw things in. I could clean their room five times a day, that’s how messy it gets.

4. Color. I couldn’t just have a black and white room. Kids need color! I need color.

5. Wall decorations. Not to much though but I often see walls with nothing on them. I find the most amazing artwork on Instagram and I also like to make things myself, like a garland. Don’t like photos so much…

Like I mentioned, the best finds are second hands and vintage. I think you can make a lovely room with no money at all. Just some imagination and a little paint and paper. They don’t need much, love is enough!







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