Inspiring mum – Katie

Katie 33,
Kynan 38,
Lala 4.5,
Bam (Bambam) 2
We live in Noosa Qld and are very grateful to live in a gorgeous oceanfront property where we are raising our waterbabies and renovating our family beachhouse. We are all obsessed with surfing first point in noosa and love packing a picnic and heading to main beach for a day of surfing and fun in the sun. We also love hanging at our beach out the front of our house.
Kynan loves teaching the kids to garden, we have a big vegie garden where we grow a lot of our own veggies and herbs. He also loves teaching them skateboarding and surfing. I love to spend my time paddle boarding and anything to do with craft, painting or flowers.
I have a small screen printing business but when Bam goes to school I intend to get back into interior design. My kids adore being outdoors in our big backyard and exploring all that beautiful noosa has to offer, we put a huge emphasis on the simple life while raising our children, getting back to nature and enjoying each other rather than things.
We recently renovated a super cute vintage caravan and have done a number of trips up and down the east coast, the kids love it and think its a big cubby house. 
Peregian Beach (Noosa) Qld
Interior Stylist, Designer, Colour Consultant, Floral Artist
5 favourite things/items?
Our rustic beachhouse
Our caravan
My vintage bendwood chairs haha
My kids and husband
our country influenced beachlife
My parents and siblings- sorry that’s 6
What are you most passionate about?
Interiors, having lived in America for a number of years I am hugely influenced by American traditional and Farmhouse architecture and style. Americans are wonderful at adding all the little details. Though Im originally from Newcastle NSW, and that is where my love for old homes started and my adoration for Australiana.
Do you have any hobbies/things you do in your downtime?
I love flower arranging- I make wildflower wreaths, paddle boarding or attempting to surf, camping, my guilty pleasure is my ridiculous obsession with scrap booking future ideas for renovations or ideas for clients
How would you describe your family?
Crazy wild, haha. A surfing family trying to raise our babies with a country style life. Emphasis on keeping our lives simple.
How did becoming a mother change you?
Hugely but in a good way. It has taught me to forget all the selfish petty things, to slowdown, be more in the moment and truly enjoy our kids, they grow sooo fast
What’s the best part about being a mother?
Bedtime snuggles, when they are doe eyed and exhausted and all they want in the world is to fall asleep nestled in your arms, you become a safe haven, you become their home, that is the best feeling
Naming your children is always so difficult (or maybe it was just me!) Was it easy to pick your child’s name and why did choose it?
Lala is a hugely worldly name and has a number of meanings in many languages but we choose it for the meaning of Tulip in Spanish, as our surname is Spanish. Bam we choose as it was popular in the States but we hadn’t heard it in Oz. We love short and sweet names.
Has your personal style changed since becoming mother? If so how?
Yes, I used to totally rock blazers and highheels to go out, now my style is much more relaxed and casual, I still love classic style but beachy flowy items fit much better for the park or beach hangs with friends. I have soft spot for vintage cut off levis and wranglers, so easy throw on over swimmers, or dress up with a classic white collared shirt and wedges, they are my uniform in Noosa
Is there anything about motherhood that has surprised you?
 How they are watching every little thing you do, how hold yourself, how you talk, how you treat others, your interests, your children become a mini version of you, at least initially, that’s why your conscious parenting and lifestyle choices are so important.  
Favourite thing to do as a family?
Beach hangs with a bunch of awesome friends and their kiddies.
What has been the most memorable moment for you in motherhood so far?
Both my births. They were both super fast. 3 hours with Lala and 22 mins with Bam (he suits his name) but honestly my kids give me memorable moments daily, their laughs, their cheeky grins, how they interact with friends, their love for their grandparents and learning different skills from my husband- who is such a hands on Dad
What are some baby essentials every new mother needs?
To have the strength inside to thank people for their advice, but choose your own parenting path and make your own decisions.
And a baby jogger pram haha
What are some of your favourite shops/websites for baby wear?
Children of the Tribe suits our lifestyle but I have a fond love for vintage fabrics and classic simple style like Bonne Mere Australia and natural materials from BabyBird, The Worn Collective and Moon Child Collective.
My fav shops here in Peregian Beach are Teepea Kids and Evolve Childrens wear
What is the one thing you want to teach your children?
To kindly LOVE. The world needs way more love and way less judgement.
Have any advice for newly mothers/mothers to be?
Listen to your own instincts even if you are questioning yourself, you are always right, you are their Mama.
Instagram: @arusticbeachhouse

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