Inspiring mum Georgia

Georgia 24, Josh 31, Jagger Diz 11months.

We are a little family of 3 living a simple life together in the little coastal town of Byron Bay in Australia. I am a full time Mumma to Jagger and Josh runs his own events buisness ‘Sunday Safari’ from home, so we are very lucky to spend lots of time together as a family.

Byron Bay. It is a very special little part of the world and I feel very lucky to be able to raise my family here.

Occupation? Full time Mumma to my Jagger Diz. I have also just gone back to studying Social Welfare and Child Protection, and I am working on my little peoples clothing label ‘Daisy met Ginger’ which I’m hoping to launch by the end of this year. (Keep your eyes peeled)

5 favourite things/items?
-My family
-My best friends
-Clothes, Lots of clothes!
-Seeing as much of the world as we possibly can whenever we can.
-My sewing machine

Do you have any hobbies/things you do in your downtime?
Spend time with my best friends.
Walk along the beach and have some quiet time.
Discover new places and go for little adventure days with Joshie and Jagger.

How would you describe your family?
Nurturing, loving, adventurous.

How did becoming a mother change you?
Becoming a mum to Jagger has given me a really huge appreciation for everything in my life, big or small. He makes me want to be the best person I can possibly be every single day (no matter how little sleep I’m running on!)

What’s the best part about being a mother?
Waking up to his little smile, watching him grow and develop into a little person with so much interest in the world and everything around him. Each week they are changing so much and it is an amazing feeling as a mother to watch that.

Naming your children is always so difficult (or maybe it was just me!) Was it easy to pick your child’s name and why did choose it?
I was actually really stuck with boys names. I had a few girls names I was set on but was a bit thrown for names when we found out he was a little boy. My sister actually suggested Jagger to me one day on the phone and it felt like the perfect choice for him. I lost my Dad 5 years ago and he was my best friend in the whole world so including something for him was a really important for me. His name was Darrell and his nickname was Diz. So there we had it and it was perfect.. our little Jagger Diz.

Has your personal style changed since becoming mother? If so how?
I wouldn’t say my personal style has changed that much since becoming a mum apart from being practical with wearing things I can easily breastfeed on the go!

Is there anything about motherhood that has surprised you?
I am surprised how well you can actually function on little to no sleep!

Favourite thing to do as a family?
My favourite thing to do as a family is get takeaway from our favourite Japanese in town and sit at the beach together. A simple thing, but my favourite thing ever.

What has been the most memorable moment for you in motherhood so far?
Meeting Jagger for the first time. There are no moments in my life that could come close to that.

What are some baby essentials every new mother needs?
A baby capsule so you can carry them everywhere and don’t have to wake them up when they are sleeping.
Bath oils.
My Ergo 360 I have used since the day Jagger was born. It is still his favourite thing to fall asleep in and I get to have my arms free to get things done!
Lots of nice tea in the cupboard, always.

What are some of your favourite shops/websites for baby wear?
My favourite would have to be Little Bird by Jools Oliver because everything for the boys and girls is amazing.
Baby goes Retro

What is the one thing you want to teach your children?
To be kind, accepting and understanding of others, and to get out there and see the world.
Have any advice for newly mothers/mothers to be?
Don’t be hard on yourself because your not always going to get it right and that’s ok. Enjoy every single second because it goes really quickly and try not to let the lack of sleep take over your emotions. Be kind and gentle with yourself, and remember it’s ok sometimes to have a little ‘you’ time!




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