Inspiring mum Emma

Emma 28
Tristram 31
Walter 3

We are torn between the ocean and the city lights. Right now the ocean is winning and we have a beautiful love affair with her. We aim to live an authentic life so our memories can shine through.

Location? Sunshine Coast

Business Owner – Private Label Dynamics

5 favourite things/items? Beach/Ocean/Surfing, Sunset Drinks, Beautiful Food, Design Friends/Family

What are you most passionate about?
I’m hopeless, I become passionate about so many things and so quickly. Being very easily distracted, I usually become passionate about whatever I’m talking about, especially if someone is discussing what THEY love! However, I love talking about and being involved in business, innovation, wine, sustainability, design, good food and also dreaming/possibilities/goal setting. I’m also very passionate about my loved ones and seeing their dreams and goals come to fruition.

Do you have any hobbies/things you do in your downtime?
I’m not sure I have any downtime. I find downtime doesn’t really suit me. Our life is so intertwined with each other and business and lifestyle and it’s hard to draw the line – I’m definitely okay with this. Thoroughly enjoy the beach and time with my little family and my girlfriends. A day or afternoon of that and I am a happy girl!

How would you describe your family?
I didn’t know where to start so I asked a friend this question and this is what I got back: “You’re not just a supportive parent with a child but you’re truly a bonded, rounded team. You all lift each other up in different ways and you are such an encouraging, support network with hilarious personality undertones. You as a mother create a field that Walter can run in and pursue his own path and dreams, yet you are there to guide – not too closely, you’re a solid partnership. You give Tristram enough space to follow his dreams while also grounding him and pushing him to be the best he can be as well as

holding him close. You are still thriving in life, you still find time to pursue goals and inspire others. I know I’m saying a lot about you but you are such an influence on the boys’s life, it echoes in to everything they do. You’re a beautiful, tight knit, support focused, happy, coastie/beachy but driven and determined family.”

How did becoming a mother change you?
Walter has calmed me and focused my scatterbrain thoughts, he’s drawn love out of me that I didn’t know I had, he helped me to judge less and to think more about others.

What’s the best part about being a mother?
Having a constant best friend. He’s at an awesome age where we can discuss things and, yes, argue, but it’s a really cool phase that I get to witness and be a part of.

Naming your children is always so difficult (or maybe it was just me!) Was it easy to pick your child’s name and why did choose it?
It was easy! Too easy! When Tristram and I first met, we were both researching Walt Disney at the time and his business aspects, he was actually someone we discussed on our first date. Fast forward a few years and as soon as we fell pregnant that was the only name we both thought of (didn’t have a girls name). Walter was always destined to be. IF I have a second though, I’m going to struggle big time.

Has your personal style changed since becoming mother? If so how?
It has, massively. I felt like a whale when I was pregnant and with hormones swirling here, there and everywhere, I threw out a lot of my really great, stylish clothes! I went super basic (think jeans + t-shirt + birks), however, I’m re-defining my style at the moment. Really looking in to what I like and not what is on trend. Slowing down my fashion purchases and really thinking about where I’m purchasing from and why I’m buying it. If I’m unsure, I’ll leave it!

Is there anything about motherhood that has surprised you?
3 things:
#1. Having to look after someone constantly, without a break. I’ve since come to a position where it’s not an issue but it was a shock at first.
#2. My body and how it has changed. I’m still coming to terms with this one!
#3. Walter is my world, my everything. I didn’t expect that I could look in to his eyes and fall to pieces like I do – it’s amazing and I’m constantly in awe.

Favourite thing to do as a family?
I asked Walter this and his response: “Beach and Surfing, baby!”

What has been the most memorable moment for you in motherhood so far? Probably the moment I first laid eyes on him, the moment all time stopped and I focused on just him and what I had achieved to bring him in to this world. It was the most pure moment of my life.

What are some baby essentials every new mother needs?
Muslin wraps, baby carrier/wrap, little white onesies, newborn nappies and a massage voucher for yourself (Highly recommend Ikatan Spa in Noosa).

What are some of your favourite shops/websites for baby wear? Yoli & Otis
Kido Store – Bobo Chooses, Tiny Cottons, Animal Observatory, etc Little Urban Apparel

Love Luck Wonder
Country Road
Children Of The Tribe (BEST cut onsies) I could go on forever with my favourites!

What is the one thing you want to teach your children?
Right now, my biggest thing I’m trying to teach Walty is to be himself. When other people don’t like his hugs or how honest he is, teaching him to know within that his intentions are pure and that’s what truly matters is key. Surprisingly such a hard thing to teach but easier to “show” him, he’s a very sensitive boy and I love that he treats everyone the same, no matter their age, gender, etc.

Have any advice for newly mothers/mothers to be?
Choose 3 people to gain advice from. They don’t have to be mothers themselves, just 3 people that you respect and ask them all of your questions. Too many opinions are overwhelming! Also, whatever phase you’re in with you’re child, it WILL end, even thought it may not feel like it. Always remember to be kind to yourself and don’t surround yourself with judgers but rather supportive, loving people. Good luck mumma x

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