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My name is Line, 32 years old and engaged to Peter. Together we have 3 year-old Freja – a beautiful daughter. We live in Aarhus, Denmark in an apartment in the center of the city. This is our base. I run my business from here when I’m not interning as a media graphics artist, which is my ‘day job’. Peter works at the university here in town and Freja goes to kindergarten and when we come home it’s important to us that we all have our own space to do what we love. Peter has his music, he plays in a band, insists on enormous speakers in the living room and has large vinyl collection. I have my webshop www.xoeinding.dkwhere I sell handmade and handpicked designs for kids rooms so at night I pack up orders, send out e-mail and seek out new products. Freja needs her own space too.
We created her room dividing a large room into two and giving her the brighter one. When she was a baby I decorated her room with my own childhood nostalgia in mind but the overwhelming amount of color seemed to stress her out. Most parents have probably noticed that kids tend to love playing in their rooms when it has just been tidied and I took this into consideration when I started redecorating. It was important that Freja would love to play in her room all the time without me having to tidy it aloe the time. That’s why storage became so important. The best thing for her is to take things from the shelves, boxes and storage totes and rediscover toys she had forgotten.
To keep the room in this inspiring mode and prevent the cluttering that stressed her out, I tuned down the color scale and kept furniture and storage neutral and bright. Her toys would inevitably bring in all the colors of the rainbow anyway, so to keep decor and toys from floating into each other this became the solution along with some monochrome and geometrical prints and cute pillows, posters etc. to bring warmth into the room.
In her room she has the basic stuff like her bed and storage for toys. In addition to this she has a small kitchen and a table and chairs set where she often invites us to dinner. I recently bought her a teepee and decorated it with soft lights and pillows. This is her sacred place where she goes to watch cartoons on the IPad, read her books or take a nap on the weekends. It’s also her favorite place to hide when we play hide and seek ;)
New stuff for Frejas room mostly come from my own sewing machine or my own webshop Other than that I love the teepees from, the storage totes from Fermliving, carpet from Ellos and the funky knit dolls from Luckyboysunday.
Must haves for a kids room are hard to specify as it depends so much on the kids, their interests, their temper, their age, what their parents choose to prioritize as well as the restrictions and purposes of the room. Whatever works for your kid is the must have for your kids room. For us the most important things are:
1: Floor space to play and make a mess on and enough of it so that Mum and Dad can join in on the fun.
2: Storage that works. As Freja sleeps in this room it’s a necessity to be able to hide away all the toys to create a calm space for sleep.
3: Sunlight – and lots of light for days and evenings when the sun isn’t enough. It needs to be a bright and happy space for Freja to want to be in there. Otherwise she will just pack up her toys and take them to the living room to play.
4: A quiet place – in our case the teepee where she can shut the door and be angry with Mum and Dad (yes, that does happen) ;)
5: Books that suit her age – no matter how many toys, dolls and stuff she gets, books are always the thing that never grows old and I love how she has memorized so many and can read them to herself (when she doesn’t know we’re listening)
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