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My husband Aaron and I live in Auckland New Zealand with our two year old son Jack. He is such a fun little guy and we wanted to create a fun space for him before our second baby comes along in October.


What inspired the decor of your kids room/s?

I love Scandinavian design and wanted to create that look but add in some fun pops of colour. I think the yellow makes the room fun and adds some warmth to the look.




5 must haves for any kids room?

Storage – lots of storage!


Lighting – We have a main light in the centre of the room a Heico black mushroom lamp for reading and a yellow lightening bolt light on the wall from

Little Letter Lights co which can act as a night light


Fun artwork – we have lots of cool art in Jack’s room some favourites are the Vernon print by Pax and Hart , the Mini and Maximus Never Grow up , Batboys by Little Pop Studio and the Na Na Na Na by Popfactory Shop.





Favourite stores for decor items?

PopFactory Shop

Little Pop Studio

Candi and Co

Collected by LeeAnn Yare

Leo and Bella


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