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My name is Clare and I have three sons Henry (almost 13), Oliver (11) and Charlie ( just turned 3). We are renting at the moment after selling our house earlier in the year. Its been a challenge in terms of decorating because our old house had beautiful white floors and walls and everything was bright and fresh. Here we have nasty carpet upstairs to try and detract from and beige walls. I am also restricted by what we are allowed to do so we don’t have as much on the walls as we would like. I embraced the 3M stick ons for everything!

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Henry and Oliver share the large room at the front of the house upstairs. In traditional style it has the central chimney flew going up the wall from downstairs so the alcove on either side is where the beds sit. This has worked out nicely as they feel as though they have a little nook each.


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Charlie has the small room which would usually be a study. He is about to move into a bed but we will make him a toddler bed so he still has room to play.


The boys rooms have always been very busy and eclectic but I have found the older two want things a little simpler now. In their bedroom there is quite a lot of white and some black which is good for a more grown up feel. Tintin posters on Henrys side keep him happy while Oliver loves his OMM Design Lion poster and I have a sweet Shanna Murray decal on the wall near his pillow.

Henry also has a little decal but it is tucked in behind the wall so its for his eyes only. He is getting to the stage where he doesn’t want all the love on show but still needs it to be there so I sneak it in.

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Charlies room is fun. Its my favourite place in the house. Lots of things hanging and on the walls and fun corners. I made him a teepee for his birthday so that has given him another special place to play as well as fun for me to decorate. He also has many toys that were mine which my mother had kept then I kept after I had used them for the big boys. Its so special to see your much loved old toys being enjoyed by your own children.

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For both the bedrooms I make sure I have special pieces in there that reflect what they love and their personalities.


-A reading nook, or sufficient pillows if they like to read on their bed, and a good reading light. I love the Heico lights as they are fun and give enough light to read by.


-Storage is the be all and end all of any family home and vital in a kids room. Cabinets to hide all sorts of things and some shelving to display things they love. Baskets and storage sacks are invaluable- they allow a super fast tidy up and look good too.


-A rug and floor cushions are important even when they get older as they still like to be on the floor.


-Artwork that they enjoy. Anything from their own work to an artist you like that they can enjoy as well. There are no rules with kids rooms. Its all got to be about joy and stimulation.


I like to shop from my own shop (easy!) and locally I like to shop at My Messy Room in Summer Hill.


Online I love bedding from Mini Rodini and various goodies from Molly Meg in the Uk and Design Stuff in Australia.


Instagram @alfiewildloves


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