Inspiring Girls Room by Sami Johnson


Inspiring girls room

What inspired the decor for the room/nursery?

Leni’s nursery is a reflection of the rest of our home really. There is a good mix of vintage treasures along with pieces we have picked up on our travels. I wanted her room to be whimsical without being too girly. The vintage print on the shelf (which was my mums and always hung in our home when I was a  girl) set the colour palette for the space, drawing on its muted tones.

Both her cot and change table are vintage pieces. The cot is well over a 100 years old, I bought it from my aunty and powder coated it black. The change table we found in a tip shop of all places, its straight from the 70’s, we gave it a lick of paint and a new hand sewn leather top. Its by far my favourite piece,  mum had one  just like it when I was a baby.

The baskets, shell chandelier, quilted rug and feather piece are all from Bali. I love that her room reflects our lifestyle and travels as a family, not to mention dada’s surfboard that is stored in the corner of the room!

I was also conscious of adding layers of texture and hand made bits. I think it’s lovely to have pieces that were made just for her. I made her mobile, my sister in-law made the wall hanging and my mum knitted her alpaca fleece blanket. Overall I’m really happy with the little space we have crated for Leni, hopefully it can grow with her.





5 must haves for any kids room/nursery?

  1. Sheepskin, either on the floor as a rug, covering a chair or somewhere little ones can lay on it.
  2. Clever Storage; I find baskets are great, hiding toys, dirty clothes, nappies etc. Good for small spaces too
  1. A comfy chair; for feeding in the early days and for reading stories in later on
  1. A night light to create a beautiful, cosy environment to go to sleep in … I say this but are yet to include one in Leni’s room as I’m still on the hunt for the right one.
  1. Artwork; make  it feel like a small person lives here by adding colour & fun.



Favourite websites/shops for kids decor?

Pipla : beautiful cushions and bits for display


Concrete Blonde       : very cool coin bank money boxes for kids


And the Rest   :  beautiful cot bedding


Ryder Loves Miller                    great range of everything from furniture to bedding


Kalinka Kids : hand knitted blankets and cushion


Cloth and Thread                        : handmade cloth toys


Zilvi ; divine decorating and styling pieces


Etsy : for anything hand made


Bambolotta Kids       : these guys stock some very cool labels in kids decor



Styled by Interior Designer and Product Stylist (and mama) Sami Johnson…

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