Inspiring room – Richelle

Ian, 30

Richelle, 28
Zoe, 2
Jude, 1 month
We are a God trusting family of four from San Diego, CA. My husband

runs two companies that he started from the ground up, this has taught us a few things! Being self employed we have had to trust in God fully when it comes to business and finances, which has stretched us and made us stronger both as individuals and as a couple.
We are currently renting a home in San Diego and pouring a lot of our love into it. Some might think we are crazy putting money into a rental but

we’ve decided to live for today. We are taking this awesome gift God has given us and making it our own while we have it. Nothing makes us happier than being outside watching our daughter run around
naked with the hose while the sun is setting…having a yard is like being in a whole new world after years in a small condo.
Before we were forced to move from our 2 bedroom condo, we were not planning on having a nursery. Our new house is a 3 bedroom which means room for baby! Saying I was excited to have a nursery is a understatement!
I’d like to say I had his nursery all planned out beforehand, but like everything with this pregnancy, I just winged it. We kept baby’s gender a surprise until birth, so I knew I wanted to keep it gender neutral, bright, and happy!

The majority of the room, like most our house, was furnished from flea markets, thrift stores and garage sales which makes for the vintage and eclectic feel. If I had to give his nursery a theme it would probably be “Traveling the Globe”.

The first item purchased specifically for the nursery was the embroidered bird pillow in his crib and the colourful fabric deer on his dresser we found on a trip to Cabo San Lucas. The rocking chair was a thrift store steal, along with the dresser/changing table, used
first by his older sister. We found his unique crib at a consignment store in Palm Springs and it was love at first sight! The gold detail was too perfect to pass up.
All in all, I’m very pleased with how the nursery came out and it just might
be my favourite room in the house…although it could just be the squishy baby that sleeps in there!
My baby must haves include…
1. An amazing diaper bag that doesn’t look like a diaper bag. Any medium/large bag with lots of pockets will work, the one pictured is from Nena & Co.
2. A comfy rocking chair for nursing, reading books and snuggling with my little’s (mine is vintage).
3. A great baby monitor to see and hear baby

 that edits out the background noise, we love our Angel Care monitor.
4. Swaddles, swaddles and more swaddles… I am obsessed with anything made by Aden + Anias so their swaddle blankets are a must not only in the nursery but also in my diaper bag and car!
5. White noise is our BEST friend!!! Hooking up a iPod or iPhone when baby sleeps started with Zoe and we have continued the tradition with baby Jude, it works great at getting baby

calm and keeping baby asleep no matter where we are.
***Bonus must have- Lavender essential oil (ours is from Sprouts) for behind babies neck, its proven to induce sleepiness… You’re welcome mamas everywhere!
Gold metal mobile- Urban Outfitters
Gold map poster- Urban Outfitters
Rug- Urban Outfitters
Blue tie dye pillow- Vera Wang (tassels added by yours truly)
Elephant hanging garlands – Cost Plus World Market
Hamper and baskets – Home Goods
instagram: @rcote_lilindianpapoose_

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