I am mama…


I wake up every morning with a list of things I want to do… Wash my hair, eat breakfast, fold and put away the mountain of washing that has been waiting patiently for 2 days, call my best friend, study (urgh!), write a blog post, but does this happen? Unfortunately no. Instead I will use dry shampoo and perfume, drink a cold cup of coffee which has been heated up twice I just havn’t caught it while it’s hot. Stuff a half eaten slobbery banana in my mouth while chasing my toddler around the house trying to dress him, I may fold the washing only to find it has been thrown around the room 20 minutes later, I can’t find my phone, and my blog post looks like this; ‘Inspiring mu 234jknoiubsdc;.?>?lkZMXpaslx-[knmlsck.’ Hmmm this is going well…


Yes my baby naps if I’m lucky but by the time I have that shower, do the dishes, and put a load of washing on I hear him crying out “mamaaaaa?”

I decide to get this monkey child out of the house, ok that means shoes… Stuff it. We head out the back to play with the dog we are minding for a family friend, he’s happy, I grab my phone off charge and sit down and it only takes me 30 seconds to realize it’s gone quiet, and we all know what that means! Yep he’s drinking the dog’s water! I take his soaking wet clothes off and hang them on the line and we go inside where I decide to give him an early bath.


Ok so lately he has developed a fear of ants and squeals and runs to me every time he sees them, it wouldn’t be so bad if he didn’t think every speckle of dirt is an ant. So I fill up the bath and squeeze the bubble bath in to try and hide anything that might resemble an ant. This goes well for 5 minutes and then I have to brush his teeth, I give him the tooth brush and sing “brush your teeth ch ch ch ch…” and then the toothbrush goes flying over my head and onto the floor, I quickly grab it and wash it and try it myself, “open wide” he covers his mouth with his hands, “please open, mummy needs to make your teeth beautiful” he opens but as soon as I put the toothbrush in his teeth sink into my finger, SIGH…


We sing songs while I wash him and he’s happy… Until the bubbles disappear. “ANTS! ANTS! SCARY… MAMA, OUT!” He’s reaching out to me wanting to get out, shit, I have no towel, I run to get a towel only to come back to see the bathroom floor is soaked. It’s ok I can do this, breathe. He lets me dress him this time, only because I have ‘What does the fox say?’ playing on my laptop, it’s sad but that song is growing on me. We dance around the room singing “Pow pow pow pow pow pow” his face lights up.


He’s happy, bathed and playing with his cars. Ok time for dinner. Somehow I find the time to cook. “Ok dinner time bubba, sit at your table”… “No!” He wants to eat on the floor. I try to convince him but dinner is getting cold so I run and get the picnic blanket and sit on the floor with him for dinner, yep he got his way… again. After dinner he runs to his room and comes back with animal masks “Look mum, ROAR” and passes one to me.


So it’s Friday night and I’m sitting on the floor wearing a tiger mask now eating a Peppa Pig yogurt watching weird looking characters dance around singing “Macka Packa Macka Packa Micka Macka Moo” wow have things changed.

But weirdly I like my life now more than ever because when the night comes to an end and tiredness kicks in I sit on the couch and hold my baby close reading him stories and stroking his hair watching his eyes gently flutter and I know that he doesn’t want to be anywhere else but here, with his mama, with me.

Love Kristen xxx

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