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Hello there, We are the Kapelke’s. We live in Okinawa, Japan. My husband Jeff is a US Marine so moving and traveling is part of his job. My name is Katia, I’m a mom and a freelance artist ( I love to paint)

About 2 years ago we were blessed with our first and only child , his name is Nicolas. This little man has such a wonderful personality , loves music, books and is a little fashionista. I just love to dress him up .
I wanted to make sure that Nicolas has a room where he can be happy. I love bright and colorful spaces but do not like to go crazy and buy expensive items, i am a DIY kind of girl, very crafty and enjoy creating things, so a lot of the artwork in Nico’s room was made by me but my favorite places to shop are Ikea and H&M home.
5 must-haves:
 1.- Every child should have an art corner to work on their creativity and imagination. I created a little space with a table/chairs , cans labeled with chalk paint to keep his colors/crayons and i love to display his masterpieces as you can see in the picture.
2.- Rugs !  We found the Play mat/rug at IKEA for a very good price, Nicolas loves to play with his little cars on it .The bear is a sleeping mat that we found here in Japan.
3.-Art work gives a room LIFE and it just makes it fun specially if they are made with love, every piece you see on the wall was painted by me on canvas: world map, Mr. Panda, “you are my sunshine” and rainy cloud.
4.-A reeding nook ! I hand made the Teepee for Nicolas , i loved working on that project, not only does he like to grab a book and read in there but is also a good “hide & seek” spot.
5.-Lots of storage ! baskets ,boxes etc. are a must to keep all those toys in place. The black& white star box is from H&M , the little basket underneath his bed i believe can be found at any store, i just painted the word “toys” on it.
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