DIY Teepee

6x 2.4mtr planks of wood 
300mtrs of twine! 
(In total that cost me $34.00)
Then my mum bought over some old sheets/material she had stored at home.

We drilled a hole (big enough to fit the twine through) about 1ft down each plank of wood. Then we threaded the twine through each hole keeping planks of wood together whilst threading. 

Stand the planks of wood up, and space them out evenly, creating your "teepee" frame. Have one person holding frame in place, whilst the other person weaves and winds the twine in and out and around the top of the teepee (we used about 8-10 mtrs to be sure it was steady) until firmly held in place.

photo (1)

Then we got the material/sheets and cut a little hole in the center of them and draped them over the top of the teepee. 
We only needed 2 sheets, but depending on the size of the sheets/material you may want/need to use more. Then we cut a slit u the side of one the sheets to create a doorway... Then voila! You have your DIY teepee! For around $35! 

Then decorate you interior with cushions, rugs, quilts... Whatever your heart desires! :-) 

*If you don't have any spare sheets or material, it's easy to pop up to your local op-shop and pick a few up very cheap!

Thanks Jess! 
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