Birth Story – Nikki

I had my second c-section on May 11th at 12:45, it was a scheduled c-section. I’ve learned a whole lot of new facts about second c-sections and I think it may be worthwhile to share with moms who are anticipating going under the big knife again. Read more

Rosie and baby Ruby Jane

Rosie, 26yrs old Tim, 34yrs old Niah, 2 Ruby Jane born on the 1st of April 2015. The moment i held my baby girl, a moment where everything stood still no sound could be heard, i could see nothing but a golden light that surrounded me and my Read more

Rylee and baby Sawyer

Birth Story Sawyer Jeremy Foreman September 3rd, 2013 This is mine and Sawyer's Birth Story. I am writing it because I want to remember what his amazing entrance to the world was like - every detail. When he's seven and seventeen and twenty Read more

Sheena and baby Luna

On the eve of Luna's 2 week birthday, I decided I wanted to write a small birth story. One, because I want to document the joyful event while it is still fresh in my mind, and two, because I want to share the beauty of natural and home births. Please Read more

Caytlyn and Baby Rooney

I was eleven days over due. ELEVEN! In the middle of winter. Everyday, I had Braxton Hicks contractions and waited for them to strengthen or become consistent. Something! Finally, I woke up at 4am on Monday morning feeling like I had just had a few Read more

Erica and Baby Cian

Spiraling Earthside ::Cian Alan Osler- Born at home 01/20/2013 @ 3:24 AM:: 8 LBS:: 21 inches long:: It’s weird to sit here in my sitz bath and write this. I have nowhere to place my journal. My blossoming belly, which acted as a substitute desktop, Read more

Birth story – Alexis

Alexis and daughter Luella - I don’t quite know how I can possibly recount every emotion or describe every detail so I won’t even begin to try. What I can do is retell the story to the best of my memory while it’s still very fresh in my Read more

Birth Story – Sarah

In my last week of being pregnant I hadn’t measured any bigger, my obstetrician was being cautious and sent me off to get some test done. After a whole day of being monitors, screenings and ultrasounds I was sent home hungry and tired but that’s Read more