Birth Story – Sarah


In my last week of being pregnant I hadn’t measured any bigger, my obstetrician was being cautious and sent me off to get some test done. After a whole day of being monitors, screenings and ultrasounds I was sent home hungry and tired but that’s about it, nothing was wrong. We were due on the following Tuesday and I wanted to avoid any other situations like this so I spoke to my amazing massage therapist and she suggest acupuncture so I booked in for Saturday 7th December. On Friday the 6ht December I began to develop contraction like cramps, Nathan came home from work and we took the dogs for a gentle walk, made some dinner and hung out together, later that night as the cramps/contractions were getting more intense we watched the sun set as we walked along the beach. We went to bed and I didn’t sleep a wink, at 2am we got up and drove into hospital, after being monitored and examined we were sent home with strict instructions to return first thing the next morning. Our obstetrician called us and said he has booked us in for induction for the Monday. Our due date wasn’t actually until the 9th anyway but he was concerned as he thought my membranes had broken. So after another visit to the hospital Saturday morning after 3 hours or being examined whilst having pre labour contractions we were sent home once again. Nathan drove us straight to the acupuncturist. I was having needles pricked into my body, I then had a hot stick held gently on my back and in the beautiful calming room with meditation music and candles burning I felt a pop and my waters broke. We went directly to the hospital and within 4.5 hours Tigerlily was born, we went completely natural with no drugs (not even a gentle painkiller), no tearing and my placenta came out naturally. Nathan was right by my side the entire time, rubbing my back during contractions, playing our favorite music, holding my hand whilst I was pushing and reminding me to breathe throughout the whole experience. The bond and connection we made during the process was like nothing else. I often close my eyes and come back to the moment right when Tigerlily was born, I looked into Nathans eyes and could see the tears falling down his face. I knew he was proud, not just of me but of us! And that’s when two became three!

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