Beautiful Breastfeeding Mothers Gathering – Ingrid Pullen


I first found the wonderful Ingrid when i saw a glimpse of her on the TV show The Voice Australia breastfeeding her son Tashi. I then realised she was a friend of a friend and lived close by. I have been following her and her stunning photography ever since.

This breastfeeding gathering of 70 breastfeeding mummas is dear to my heart and i couldn’t help but ask her if she would like to share the project with you all here… Meet the lovely and inspiring Ingrid (Ingrid Pullen Photography).


What inspired the project? 

A friend initially planted the idea by simply showing me a single image. And from there the idea had a strong life of it’s own and would not let me sleep at night until i took steps towards making it happen.

Ironically though, the last time i had so much action on social media was when the controversy broke out surrounding me being caught on the TV show The Voice, breastfeeding. How wonderful! I never expected such a massive response from my photos, i am deeply honoured and so happy these beautiful breastfeeding mothers are sending an empowering message out to the world.




What do you hope to achieve with the project?

Many motivations drove this project. Firstly to gather the woman, to provide a nurturing environment for them to connect, celebrate and share their breastfeeding journey and leave feeling even more empowered and supported by community.

I wanted to photograph the timeless connection between nature, mother and child, and simply how incredibly gorgeous breastfeeding is and how precious that sweet bonding time is. I also want as many images out in the world of breastfeeding mothers as possible until society can relax about such a natural life giving act.

I want young woman to see more breastfeeding in everyday life. I want woman to feel beautifully comfortable to feed their child where ever and when ever the need arises. Another motivation for the project was to evolve as an artist, to learn and grow.

This beautiful project has given me an even deeper level of empathy for mothers who desperately want to breastfeed their child for but what ever reason are unable to.






See the full photoshoot here 


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