5 ways you know you are a good mother..

1. Your child has eaten today – Even if it was just the candy bar you bribed them with in the shopping mall to sway a melt down

2. You make your child smile and laugh – Even if it is at you yelping “F**k” because you stepped on ANOTHER piece of lego

3. You’ve told your child you love them – Even if it was in the sentence “I love you but if you don’t stop throwing toys at me I won’t hesitate to leave you here” while waiting in the doctors office

4. You show your child affection – Even if it came after you accidentally shut their fingers in the door while you were getting the takeaway dinner out the car

5. You play with your child – Even if it’s hide and seek but you are really hiding in the pantry just so you don’t have to share that block of chocolate

Ladies you are GREAT mothers. Don’t sweat the small stuff! We’re all hot messes, some of us can just hide it better than others 😉

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